Video 1: How We Apply Mobile Technology to Public Health and Social Issues

Video 2: Creating Technology for Community Healthcare Workers:

Video 3: Creating RFID Technology, Sensors, and the Internet of Things:

Video 4: Journey from RFID and IoT to Biomedical Applications:

Video 5: How Can We Use Technology to Guide Behavior:

Video 6: Modelling Behavior and Behavior Medicine:

Video 7: The Importance of Entrepreneurship as an Essential Part of the MIT Experience:


2016 Digital Health Conference: Applying Technology to Health and Behavior
(18 mins)

Mobile Technology and the Future of Psychiatry:
(50 mins)

How Can we use Technology to Address the Largest Needs in Public Health?
(70 mins)

Applying AI to Global Health:
(6 mins)

Using Mobile Technologies for Pulmonary Disease Diagnostics in India:
(20 mins)