group-photo-Fall-2019-12-06-mediumOur group includes grad students (G) and undergrad students (U) from a variety of engineering disciplines.



  • Xavier Soriano (G)
  • Botong Ma (G)
  • Aneesh Anand (G)
  • Tania Yu (G)
  • Alexander Sludds (G)
  • SaiVedaPramoda Karnati
  • Kendal Yu
  • Lydia Sun
  • Christopher Madrigal
  • Shannon Hwang
  • Ben Guitierrez
  • Abby Drok
  • Andrew Zhang
  • Stephanie McHue
  • Daniel Chen
  • Clair Nord
  • Gabriel Schneider
  • Alana Lidawer
  • Jenny Xue
  • Sabrina Ibarra
  • Rachael Fuchs


  • Dan Chamberlain (G)
  • Niccolo Pignatelli (G)
  • Xavier Soriano (G)
  • Christian Infante (G)
  • Honey Bajaj (G)
  • Ani Chilingirian
  • Julia Rue
  • Yueyang Kylie Ying
  • Kenneth Friedman
  • Andrew Zhang
  • Peniel Argaw
  • Marwa Abdulhai
  • Josef Biberstein
  • Vivek Miglani
  • David Houle
  • Ram Bhaskar
  • Chandani Doshi
  • Barbara Duckworth
  • Gillian Belton


  • Dan Chamberlain (G)
  • Niccolo Pignatelli (G)
  • Ye Tao
  • Daniel Richman
  • Libby Aiello
  • Ali Finkelstein
  • Kenneth Friedman
  • Ani Chilingirian
  • Vivian Zhang
  • Vivek Miglani
  • Daniela Ganelin
  • Sean Hua
  • Michelle Lauer
  • Alisha Saxena
  • Samantha Fiero
  • Lasya Thiligar
  • Yuge Ji
  • Kevin Ecobar Rodriguez
  • Allison Tam


  • Dan Chamberlain (G)
  • Dan Weber (G)
  • Deepti Raghavan
  • Aaron Zalewski
  • Jacqueline de Sa
  • Clare Liu
  • Nicholas Paggi
  • Xinyue Deng
  • Adrian Jimenez-Galindo
  • Sam Borroso
  • Carla Pinzon
  • Tiange Zhan
  • Caitlin Cassidy
  • Anying Li
  • Alisha Saxena
  • Nischal Nadhamuni
  • John Mofor
  • Tomas Calderon
  • Matthew Mellor
  • Mike McGraw
  • John La
  • Matthew Okabue
  • Bassey James
  • Georgio Magalhaes
  • Eder Guimaraes dos Santos
  • Marcella Merces


  • Neerja Aggarwal
  • Lasya Thiligar
  • Rujia Zha
  • Yixin Li
  • Phoebe Tse
  • Victor Horta
  • Varsha Raghavan
  • Eric Ruleman
  • Aaron Zalewski
  • Yachi Chang
  • Ryan Lacey
  • Kweku Adams


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