Mobile App Privacy Policy

The Mobile Technology Lab is a university research group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  The mobile apps that we publish are designed to store or analyze health information, and in some cases, to also provide some screening for disease or diagnostic decision support.

Policy Statement:

(1) All health measurement data is collected voluntarily. If the data is being used for research study, all patients will be presented with an additional informed consent form and an explanation of how the data will be collected; (2) The mobile apps published by Mobile Technology Lab do not require any personal information to function. For research studies, we do not use any personal identifiable information (such as names, phone numbers, or email addresses) and unique codes are used in place of any personal names or personal identifiers; (3) All data collected is kept confidential, and we do not sell or share your data with any companies.  In the case of research studies, each patient will be given a separate informed consent form and all data collection will be explained to you before any data is collected; (4) In all cases, all users and patients, as well as research study participants, have the right to opt out of any data collection and discontinue the use of the mobile app at any time.