Cardiovascular Disease Diagnostics


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide, yet we lack good simple tools to assess cardiovascular risk.  For rich and poor alike, one of the great challenges of CVD is that most people are not aware of any problems until they have a stroke or heart attack.  Our lifestyle (diet, physical activity, etc.) produces changes on our cardiovascular system, but yet we have no simple way to see these changes.

For wealthier communities, many wearable tech gadgets are available which can measure heart rate or HRV, but these provide little value to assessing our cardiovascular health.  For developing countries, the WHO has developed guidelines for assessing cardiovascular risk, but this mainly requires blood tests (knowing glucose level or cholesterol).

Our group has developed a low-cost mobile kit that is able to perform several simple tests and assess the cardiovascular risk.  This test is non-invasive, and can be implemented by community health workers, home nurses, or even consumers themselves.  This kit includes: Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), pulse wave analysis (PWA), and a questionnaire.

Students: Victoria Ouyang, Botong Ma, Niccolo Pignatelli, Josef Beiberstein, David Houle, Marwa Abdulhai, Samantha Fierro, Nick Paggi, Kweku Adams, John Mofor

Clinical Partner: Sengupta Hospital, Nagpur India

Sponsor: MIT TATA Program