Neonatal Assessment


We have been developing a variety of non-contact physiological measurements to scan newborn babies in low-resource clinics and detect abnormal values.  Any unusual or unhealthy values are used to trigger a referral to a hospital facility for further testing.

We use a variety of “tri-corder” non-contact technologies, including video plethysmography, infrared imaging, and facial tracking to extract a variety of features, including heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, and motor movement.

Students: Yachi Chang, Kweku Adams, Nicholas Paggi, Dan Chamberlain

Sponsors: USAID Saving Lives at Birth program

Collaborators: The PI for this project is Dr. Anuraj Shankar (Harvard) with clinical PIs in Nagpur India, Dr. Zahir Quazi and Abhay Gaidhane.