Mobile Environmental Monitoring


Our local environment (air quality, sound, light color) plays an important role in our health.  Light color affects our circadian rhythm and high sound levels has been linked to cardiovascular disease.  Unhealthy levels of pollution, or changes in our environment, can trigger symptoms (e.g. asthma) or led to the onset of new diseases (epigenetics).

We have developed portable wearable environmental monitors that measure individual exposure levels of environmental parameters including: air quality gas concentrations, lighting color spectrum, and sound levels.  The monitor also include a 3-axis accelerometer to measure activity level and air intake, as well as a GPS module to measure location.

Data on the monitor is logged to an internal micro-SD memory card without the need for an external mobile phone.  However, the monitor contains a Bluetooth radio which enables optional streaming of data to the phone (with mobile app) as well as live streaming to a web server.

Students: Victor Horta, Jose Leite, Gilbert O’Neil, Eileen Kung