Thermography for Health Diagnostics and Monitoring


The availability of small affordable thermal camera modules now make it possible to perform thermal analysis on mobile phones and in the spaces where we live and work.  Thermography is routinely used to measure blood flow and microvasculature, as well as to measure breathing patterns.  By combining thermal imaging with machine vision and machine learning, it is possible to create simple tools that can diagnose disease and monitor our health.

Our group collaborates with several clinical organizations to explore several different applications of thermal imaging, ranging from the diagnosis of infectious diseases, such as pneumonia and tuberculosis, to creating early-warning systems for hospital ICU wards to automatically detect signs of sepsis and circulatory shock.

Partners: AIIMS Hospital (New Delhi, India), Chest Research Foundation (Pune, India), S-VYASA University (Bangalore, India)

Students: Xavier Soriano, Lasya Thiligar, Clare Liu